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Alleged iPhone 5 Photos and Video Emerge

We've heard a lot of iPad 5 rumors over the last few weeks. However, today we bring you something a little more ... physical than the usual source claiming the next iPhone will feature LTE and a larger screen. We've seen quite a few photos mixed in with the speculation as to whether the iPhone will pack this display or that port, and today brings us yet another bundle of images for our perusal as well as a video.


These photos and video come from separate sources but appear to match up with each other. First of all, the pictures. These come from Chinese supplier iLab Factory, which has released photos depicting a fully-assembled iPhone 5. The device pictured features an updated speaker arrangement, that new (and smaller) dock connector, and what looks to be a two-tone metal casing. Sadly, the video from Macotakara only shows the casing. However, it does seem to align with what we saw in iLab's photos, with that same dock-connector, speaker arrangement and two-tone casing.

If these aren't enough to get you doing, perhaps the rumors that the new iPhone will be announced on September 12 will be. Apple site iMore claims to have heard that the new iPhone will be announced alongside the iPad Mini on September 12 with the former launching nine days later, on September 21. If that's the case, it would see the new iPhone announced almost a full month earlier than the iPhone 4S announcement in 2011.

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