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Intel Ships Pentium 350 For Servers

The Pentium 350 is based on the Sandy Bridge core sans graphics and is for socket LGA1155 and C202 or C204 chipsets.

While we do not have detailed information about this CPU, the specs of the dual-core chip closely match those of the 2.2 GHz Pentium G620T, but supports Hyperthreading as well as ECC DRAMs. There is no information on price, but we expect that Intel will charge a premium over the $70 620T and position the chip well below the cheapest Xeon processors, which currently sell for $167 (E3110, 45 nm, 3 GHz). It is interesting to note that the TDP of this Pentium is just 15 watts, which makes this CPU the lowest power server CPU in Intel's lineup. The current 32 nm Xeon L-series is rated at 40 watts.

The Pentium 350 does not support VT-d and Trusted Execution.