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Nintendo-PlayStation Prototype Is Currently Auctioning for $350K

Super NES CD-ROM System (Image credit: Heritage Auctions)

The Nintendo PlayStation Super NES CD-ROM (SNES-CD), also known as Super Famicom CD-ROM Adapter in Japan, is up for grabs at Heritage Auctions. The system is said to be the last of its kind, which is why the current bid is at $350,000.

For the uninitiated, the Super NES CD-ROM system was a prototype gaming console that came from a short-lived collaboration between Nintendo and Sony that reportedly started in the late '80s. Sadly, the device never left the prototype phase. Nintendo and Sony allegedly produced 200 units, which Heritage Auctions claimed have all been destroyed except for the one on auction. There's a sticker with a handwritten "2" under the system, which suggests that this unit may have been the second device that came out of the production line.

The systems look like a Frankenstein creation, featuring a slot for Super Famicom and Super Nintendo cartridges and a separate CD-ROM drive for PlayStation games that would be offered on the Super Disc format. The auctioneers even claim they've played Mortal Kombat via a Super Famicom catridge on the system.

Super NES CD-ROM gaming console (Image credit: Heritage Auctions)

It's incredible that the Super NES CD-ROM prototype is still working after so many years. The auction page claims the console was discovered in 2009 and that the CD-ROM was non-functional at the time. However YouTuber Benjamin Heckendorn reportedly repaired it. That means you can listen to your favorite CD (you still have one, right?) while playing a classic game. A miniature screen is on top of the console to let you know which track is playing.

The console has the typical power, reset and eject buttons, in addition to the multimedia buttons for music playback. There's even a headphone jack and volume dial on the the device. Outputs on the Super NES CD-ROM system are three RCA connectors, one S-Video connector, Nintendo's own Multi-Out port and a mysterious "NEXT" port that no one knows the purpose of. 

The Super NES CD-ROM system comes with a single Super Famicom controller that has Sony PlayStation branding. The console relies on a Super Famicom boot/debugging cartridge to enable the CD-ROM functionality and access the Super Disc operating system. Other accessories include the red, yellow and white RCA cables and a Sony-branded 7.5V power adapter.