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Phishing Visualized: U.S. More Dangerous Than Russia, China

Netcraft published a dynamic map that shows the likelihood of a phishing attack on a site hosted in a specific country.

The map may be surprising to some. The greatest chance to encounter phishing site in any country is Morocco (1 in 102), followed by Turkmenistan (1 in 103). Ivory Coast follows in third place (1 in 199), Zambia in fourth (1 in 457) and Bolivia (1 in 496) in fifth. The usual suspects U.S., China, and Russia follow with substantial distance, whereas it is more likely to encounter a phishing suite in the U.S. (1 in 6,625) than in China (1 in 8,055), which is more likely to host a phishing site than Russia (1 in 11,411), according to Netcraft.

There are plenty of countries that do not host phishing sites at all, including North Korea, Greenland, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, most of Central Africa, and some nations in the Middle East and Asia.

The reporting is based on Netcraft's phishing site feed as well as the calculation of its total URL count, which currently stands at just under 634 million.

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