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This Raspberry Pi Retro TV Display Is a Work of Art

(Image credit: Ryan, The Garage Journal)

Sometimes tinkerers tap a Raspberry Pi to fix a problem in their life. Other times, they grab the single-board computer just to see how far they can push it. This project shared by Ryan from The Garage Journal is a little different. The DIY display looks like a retro TV but doesn't have any sound. Set to loop the maker's favorite old movies, it's simply a piece of art

The retro TV display relies on a Raspberry Pi 4 for all of its primary functions. Ryan designed it to play his favorite classic flicks on repeat while displayed on a shelf. 

And if you do want to get some more functionality out of this vintage-looking display, you can. It's fitted with USB speakers for adding sound output.

Ryan made the retro-style housing entirely from scratch. The switch panel on the front makes use of some really interesting vintage hardware, including a couple of toggle switches protected by switch guards that supposedly came from Apollo 16.

The final unit stands on a curvy mount that allows the display to swivel. The power indicator light works as an indicator that tells you when the Pi 4 is powered on.

According to the post, the maker encountered a small overheating issue (not uncommon with the Pi 4), but he easily overcame this by adding a fan. 

If you want to see more of Ryan's work, check out the official Garage Journal website and YouTube channel for more original content.