AMD and Globalfoundries to Make 28nm Parts

In a recent interview, Globalfoundries vice president of manufacturing systems and technology Tom Sonderman said that the company plans to make GPUs using 28nm processes in the near future.

Recently X-bit Labs published an interview with AMD's Tom Sonderman, discussing AMD's spin-off company (or rather the former manufacturing division), Globalfoundries, and its future corporate plans. The four-page interview offers a wealth of knowledge, discussing topics such as the Globalfoundries name, the origins of the company, and the advantages the company will offer in comparison to other existing foundries. However, what stood out in the interview was Sonderman's comment towards the end, when X-Bit Labs asked about AMD outsourcing its chipset and graphics chip production to Globalfoundries.

"We intend on competing for AMD’s graphics business in the 32nm/28nm technology node," he said. However, as X-Bit pointed out, AMD is obliged to require both microprocessors and GPUs from Globalfoundries, as AMD is one of the owners; using the term "competing" may have been inaccurate. Still, Sonderman's answer hints to the possibility that the company may be ready for 28nm processing soon.

Additionally, Sonderman said that the company is already sniffing around for additional clients outside AMD. "We are actively engaging with multiple tier 1 fabless and fablite semiconductor companies who require leading-edge capacity," he added. "We’re not ready to announce any new relationships yet."

Could his comment mean that companies such as Nvidia, Nintendo, and Microsoft are potential clients? "PC platform technologies (CPUs, GPUs), wireless, game consoles, and telecom are a few examples of markets we’re targeting," he confirmed.

Sonderman also indicated that 32nm bulk silicon is already running in Dresden, and will be ready to accept customer designs later this year; it will even offer an aggressive production ramp in 2010. However, he did not offer additional details regarding to 28nm processing, and when the company plans to implement the technology. Stay tuned as Globalfoundries reveals more in the near future.

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  • Anonymous
    very close to the recent article declaring that 22nm was about the smallest we'll ever see in chips.

    Anyone knows if AMD uses plain silicon chips,or if it follows intel in using the high Metal-K process?
  • eddieroolz
    I think Intel copyrighted the High-K design, so if that's true, then AMD is either still using SOI or another improved process.