Kindle Fire HD 7 And 8.9 Available for Pre-Order in 170+ Countries

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD slate was released as a 7 inch version on September 14, 2012, while the 8.9 inch version was only available since 20 November, 2012. Back in March, the 8.9 inch version had its price slashed and was released in multiple countries, but there were still many regions that had no access to the device. Now, more than 6 months after the original launched, Amazon has announced that its devices have now gone up for pre-order in over 170 countries and region worldwide.

Until recently, Amazon's slate only had eyes for the United States, Japan and parts of Europe. If you are eager to find out if your country made the pre-order list (with an expected shipping date of 13 June), have a look at the full release here. The Kindle HD 7" and Kindle HD 8.9" are currently available for $214 and $284, respectively. 

A second press release by Amazon states that its Android Appstore is now fully operational in "nearly 200 countries."

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  • killerclick
    Thanks Amazon, but a year too late.
  • w8gaming
    My view as well. Too late for Amazon. They should have expanded beyond United States and Europe markets when their products were selling well. Now the low end tablets market are dominated by Samsung, Asus and other Asian manufacturers. I do not see how they can compete effectively at this point.
  • Azn Cracker
    ^ They probably didn't have the supply to meet the demand of 170 more countries.