Sources: No Apple Tablet at September Keynote

The Mac world has been all in a tizz over rumors that Apple would launch its highly anticipated tablet at the keynote event its said to be having in September. However, The Loop cites very reliable sources familiar with the product who say speculation of the tablet being introduced during the September event are "flat out wrong." The sources went on to say that the Apple tablet "would not see the light of day" until the beginning of next year.

So what else could it be? A refresh for the iPod line, for one. The rumors about adding cameras to the iPod Nano and iPod Touch have been doing the rounds since folks were trying to predict the specs of the iPhone 3GS. We're also going to go ahead and assume the Steve or no Steve rumors will start up soon enough.

Read the full story here.

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  • eddieroolz
    I frankly don't know what to feel. Indifference?
  • aracheb
    well with device as small as ipod and itouch blowing up, 10 feet high and blowing up people faces, i'm afraid of getting anything bigger from apple. WHo knows a table PC from apple could easily blow up your car if you leave it inside..
  • freiheitner
    Is it just coincidence that The Beatles are remastering and re-releasing their entire catalog in September... and Apple is (allegedly) having a big media event in September?