Intel's Brian Krzanich Sees First Acquisition As Intel CEO

At the beginning of May, Intel announced that the company's board had elected Brian Krzanich as Chief Executive Officer. Krzanich assumed his position as CEO on May 16 and it seems he has wasted no time getting started on his new job.

Intel today revealed its first acquisition since Krzanich took over the role of chief executive. AllThingsD reports receiving confirmation from Intel that it will acquire ST-Ericsson's satellite navigation chip business unit. Apparently, the joint venture is losing money for STMicroelectronics and Ericsson and is being dissolved. Intel is going to relieve the two companies of this one division in order to boost its profile in the mobile arena.

Intel has yet to release an official statement on the acquisition and has not revealed financial details of the deal to anyone. We're also keen to know if this deal was already in the works prior to Krzanich's appointment or if he led the charge. We'll keep you posted on that information if and when it becomes available.

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  • falchard
    I think he is a sacrificial lamb. The only direction Intel can go is down.
  • dragonsqrrl
    Anonymous said:
    I think he is a sacrificial lamb. The only direction Intel can go is down.

    I'm curious, what's the source of your consistent hatred for AMD's competitors? Or a perhaps a better way to phrase it, what's the source of your unconditional love for AMD?
  • emad_ramlawi
    Just look at him, he looks like a fuck up, and i surely know how fuckups look alike, i see it everyday in the mirror.
    this guy gona bring Intel down to the ground ...