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AMD's StoreMI V2 Updates Support, 400-Series AMD Chipsets Added

AMD StoreeMI
(Image credit: AMD)

AMD just updated its new StoreMI V2 to support AMD's 400 series chipsets like the X470 and B450 platforms. AMD initially only supported the updated version of the storage software on the more expensive X570 platform, but promised to expand support to older platforms throughout the course of the year. Now the company is delivering on its promise to bring StoreMI V2 to less expensive 400-series platforms. The software is free, which is especially helpful for budget PC builders that usually have B450 boards and run small SSDs + HDD combos, which is where StoreMI comes in handy the most.

StoreMi Interface

(Image credit: AMD)

StoreMI is a storage tiering solution that allows you to merge your SSD and HDD (or slower SSD with faster SSD) into one virtual drive. StoreMI moves data between both storage solutions, so it analyzes your data and moves frequently-used data to the faster SSD. In effect, the technique merges the capacity and pricing advantages of HDDs with the speed of the SSDs. That results in faster overall system performance, like snappier game and application loading.

AMD's original StoreMI software had a few issues. Most notably, it was a tiered solution, meaning it transferred data from the slow SSD/HDD to the faster SSD storage, but didn't keep a copy of the data on both drives. This has the advantage of making the full storage capacity from both drives usable, but if StoreMI's virtual partition ever glitched out or died, you would lose all the data stored on the faster drive. 

StoreMI V2 addresses the problem by moving to a caching system, which copies all data from the slower drive to the faster drive. That means there are two copies of any data held in the SSD. This lowers your storage capacity for the StoreMI volume to the size of the slower drive, however this solution is far safer because it's bulletproof if your StoreMI virtual partition gets corrupted – you will still have a copy of the data on the slower drive.

You can download the new StoreMI V2 Tech here. It is available for all 400 series, 500 series, X399 and TRX40 AMD platforms.