Foxconn, China Mobile to Develop Ebook Reader

Ebook readers are really starting to take off. There are now several iterations of the Kindle available, along with some fairly recent updates to Sony's line of readers. Plastic Logic is all set to release its own ereader in a partnership with Barnes and Noble and so, it seems Foxconn and China Mobile have a few ideas of their own.

According to Digitimes, China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou recently said the wireless network plans to team up with Foxconn Electronics for the production of ereaders and that he will meet with Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou to discuss the possible partnership. Digitimes went on to cite Wang as saying shipments could start as early as the first half of 2010.

Do you have an ereader? If not, do you plan on buying one in the near future or are you waiting for something a little more innovative than the products currently available? 

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  • deadlockedworld
    pfff. ipad will quickly achieve dominance with all of its apps.
  • tenor77
    Will it make people commit suicide?
  • doc70
    I am new in this thing but I have a Sony PRS 505 and I am happy with it. With an SD card you can put a ton of books on it and you can not loose tham by being remotely deleted or anything. I use OpenOffice to convert books to pdf and have had no problems; to me touch screen on an ereader is not important, it could even lead to inadvertently turn the page when I want to show some paragraph on the page to someone else, so I am happy with the turn page button. As far as screen quality, the epaper is very good for my eyes and I do not like the later issued backlit one, as it is not so crisp and friendly... my opinion.
    The more competition, the merrier; I just wish they would be available in more retail stores, so one could try before buying's important because we're talking hours of staring at the screen.