JooJoo Company Responds to TechCrunch Lawsuit

The Fusion Garage statement addresses several accusations made by Michael Arrington in a blog post published last week:

With regard to Arrington's claims that the company was not financially stable, FG said it was a properly capitalized start up that has received $3 million in funding to date. Additionally, the company claimed it has numerous international angel investors and said it is preparing to announce a new round within the coming weeks.

Addressing the claims that Fusion Garage is using intellectual property owned by the original ODM, Pegatron, the company said it established a relationship with Pegatron after "after Arrington’s promises of hardware development support proved to be hollow." The company says it is now working with another top tier ODM to develop a completely new board and mechanical layout.

As for the comments made about CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan? Fusion Garage isn't even dignifying those with a point-by-point response. The company points out that it's highly unlikely TechCrunch would ever go into business with Chandra if his reputation as a businessman was so awful.

Read the full statement on BusinessInsider.

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    ...Fusion Garage has responded to the lawsuit

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