Logitech's Stand-alone Google TV Box Gets Spec'd

Yesterday Google announced it was teaming up with Intel, Sony and Logitech for a little venture called Google TV. Though Sony is to supply the televisions (and Intel the chips for those tellies), Logitech is supplying not only the remotes and keyboards but standalone companion boxes for those of us who don't feel like investing in a new TV just for Google.

Though there's little in the way of official information floating around the Web, Engadget mosied on down to Logitech's booth at Google I/O and got an eye-full of the technology and scored some juicy details about the box. An example? Well how about controlling your TV with your smartphone via either an iPhone or Android application?

"To our surprise, the Logitech product manager pulled out a Nexus One and iPhone," writes Sean Hollister. "He explained that the companion box has all the technology of Logitech's $400 Harmony 900 remote and extends it to your handset over WiFi."

Using the smartphone app, you can not only control the Google browser but also a Samsung TV, Onkyo receiver and TiVo set top box.

Specswise, you're looking at Intel's CE4100 1.2GHz "Sodaville" Atom CPU, 4GB of RAM, 802.11n WiFi, 2xUSB, a rear I/O panel with a wired LAN jack, two IR headers and a pair of HDMI 1.3 ports.

Full scoop and demo video on Engadget.

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  • haze4peace
    Will it be able to play 1080p dxva compatible media too? I'm not seeing any gpu in that spec list that would suggest it could.
  • micr0be
    emerging from all over the world ...these companies have come together to fight the evil that is apple... we are all saved !!!

    it works on iphones you say ?!


    but seriously can't wait to test this out in my living room.
  • godmode
    any software version for the PC? or MCE plug-in? i already have an HTPC, a rather use that than some other separate set-top box.

    but then again, they'll make are money by selling separate preparatory hardware so it seems very likely....