Report: Google Drive to Launch Next Week

We've been hearing various whispers and rumors about Google Drive for years so to hear yet another rumor about the Dropbox-like service is not really at all surprising. This one comes by way of Giga Om, from Om Malik himself. Malik claims that despite the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' feel to this topic, this time, Google Drive might really be happening.

Om cites an unnamed source that says Google will launch the service in the first week of April. According to his sources, Google is going to offer 1GB of storage space for free, with the option for users to obtain more space as long as they're willing to fork over some cash for the privilege. Google is also said to have developed an API for third party apps with this service so users can store content from other apps, too.

Google has commented beyond the usual 'we don't comment on rumors and speculation' bit, but considering April starts this coming Sunday, we're not going to be left hanging on the edge of our seats for long. There's also the fact that the Google Drive rumor is as old as the hills, so holding your breath isn't advised, anyway.

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  • dalauder
    seelsAnything Google does, Apple does better. I don't know why these companies bother, they should just give up. Apple is #1, and always will be.
    Name 1 Apple product that I'd have a reason to own? The only reason I don't own any Apple products is because I have yet to find one worth buying.
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  • jhansonxi
    Might eliminate the need for GmailFS.
  • Marco925
    Upon reading the title, i thought this was an enhancement for Google Streetview.
  • koga73
    Great now google can snoop through your files