HighPoint Shows Off 40-Port SATA3 Controller

Highpoint Technologies is launching the world's first 40-port SATA3 controller, the Rocket 750, which is the least expensive SATA-based storage solution.

It is powered by a PCIe 2.0 x8 interface. The device itself has only 10 Mini-SAS ports, but they each expand to four SATA ports with a single splitting cable.

Included with the Rocket 750 is HighPoint's ISHM (Intelligent Storage Health Manager) software, which is a web-based interface that has a number of different notification services. It allows administrators to monitor each of the drives, as well as the Rocket 750 itself. As it is a web-based interface, it also works from anywhere, so administrators can log in remotely and keep an eye on the setup.

Imagine connecting forty 4 TB hard drives to the Rocket 750, creating a total capacity of up to 160 TB. Then imagine using numerous Rocket 750's in a single machine. One just might even start to contemplate downloading the Internet!

Highpoint's Rocket 750 will hit the market this month again with an MSRP of $739.

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  • mightymaxio
    I want one, although my server chasis can only handle 24 hard drives. I would still want one though, would never run out of expansion if only I had this chasis I would totally get it XD http://www.aberdeeninc.com/abcatg/stirling-x888.htm
  • chicofehr
    Just what I need to make a 3D rendering/photo/video editing computer. Raid 20 1TB HDD together and get some sweet speeds and lots of storage for raw audio/video files. I think I'll get a refurbished one when they show up on Newegg or whatever site that carries them.
  • unksol
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