Inno3D Working on GTX Titan With HerculeZ Tri-Fan Cooler

Inno3D is preparing another GTX Titan, this one also non-reference. It is built with the HerculeZ 3000 cooler, which carries three PWM fans and has a very hefty appearance. The cooler carries five copper heatpipes that transfer heat to a dense aluminum fin array. The heat is transferred to the heatpipes through a copper base.

Underneath the cooler, the card itself is an ordinary GTX Titan, although overclocked to a boost clock speed of an impressive 927 MHz. While the boost clock's speed remains unknown, we can safely assume that it is near the GHz mark or maybe even beyond. The memory speed is still at reference speeds of 6,008 MHz.Image source: WCCF TechImage source: WCCF Tech

The image that WCCF Tech managed to get just before the official Weibo page was removed also clearly shows an NDA of May 20, 2013. This could be a hint of a release date and when we may see other non-reference Titan cards, although this is only speculation.

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