Tom's Guide: Internet Explorer Tips, Tricks, and Add-ons

Once the top dog among the world's web browsers, Internet Explorer lost its spot to Chrome back in April (according to StatCounter data). However, Microsoft's IE still holds its own as the number one browser in North America with over 40 percent of the market. This week, the Tom's Guide team took some time to lay out some of the best tips and tricks for Microsoft's web browser. Check them out in 'Internet Explorer Tips, Tricks, and Add-ons.'

Though Firefox and Chrome have chipped away at its market dominance, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still one of the most used browsers in the world, and the latest iteration, IE 10, is set to be released along with Windows 8. Today we'll look at a few basic tips and tweaks for optimizing Internet Explorer and maintaining your online privacy, as well as a few popular add-ons for IE.

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  • sliem
    Tip 1: do not use IE
    Tip 2: use firefox or chrome

    That is all.
  • Branden
    here's the most useful IE trick of them all:
    - only use IE to download firefox or chrome
  • cadderly09
    1. Don't use IE
    2. See #1