UK Government Advertises Fake 007 Job

The latest Bond movie has been called the best bond movie ever. Though that's a bit of a bold statement, it's hard to argue that the film wasn't very entertaining. It's also been extremely successful, grossing $790 million world-wide to become the highest-grossing film in the James Bond series.
It seems someone at, the UK government's digital portal, liked the film too.

The Verge reports that an ad for a 007-style agent cropped up on's website late last week. The ad called for a new addition to the Secret Intelligence Service. The post in question was described as a "Target Elimination Specialist" and applicants would be required to travel to foreign countries and eliminate people whose "continued existence poses a risk to the effective conduct of public order."

The ad was eventually pulled, but was available for over 24 hours before it disappeared. What isn't yet clear is how it made it onto the site in the first place. As the UK government's digital service, is used to provide the public with access to government services. We'll let you know if we learn anything more about how this prank was pulled off. Perhaps it was an inside job? In the meantime, you can check out a screenshot of the posting below, courtesy of the Verge.


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  • mrmaia
    Come on, it's a lighthearted little joke. I laughed a bit.
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  • jacobdrj
    Come on MI6, you are living in the Cold War era... Hotmail? Really?
  • mrmaia
    Come on, it's a lighthearted little joke. I laughed a bit.
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    I prefer my martinis Churchill-style, may permit your gaze to settle on a bottle of vermouth as you pour chilled gin into the cocktail glass. Best consumed with a woman who follows the Dorothy Parker approach to martinis:

    I like to have a martini,
    two at the very most.
    Three, I'm under the table.
    Four, I'm under my host.