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Transcend Announces 128GB Flash Drives

By - Source: Transcend | B 18 comments

These USB sticks can store up to 128 GB of data

Transcend said on Wednesday that its JetFlash 760 and JetFlash 600 series flash drives now offer 128 GB models. The former drive sports a USB 3.0 connection for high transfer rates up to 80 MB/s while the latter JetFlash 600 drive provides USB 2.0 transfer speeds of up to 32 MB/s.

"Combining blazing fast data transfer speed with huge storage space, Transcend's high capacity flash drives are an excellent way to effectively transport, share, and backup a huge amount of data," the company said on Tuesday.

The JetFlash 760 model sports a brightly-colored sliding USB connector that not only protects the drive and its contents, but also ensures there is no cap to lose. Available in black, the drive measures 8.9-mm thick, 69.6-mm long and 20.9-mm wide, and weighs 12g.

The JetFlash 600 model is also in black and takes full advantage of advanced dual-channel technology that combines the bandwidth of two flash chips. Unlike the USB 3.0 model, this one comes with a cap and when attached, the stick measures 60.9-mm long. It also measures 8.5-mm thick and 19.3-mm wide, and weighs 8.5g.

"Additionally, Transcend USB flash drives offer a free download of the exclusive Transcend Elite data management software, which features intelligent backup scheduling, 256-bit AES file encryption, and much more," the company said.

The new 128 GB JetFlash 760 is available for a suggested price of US $199, while the 128 GB JetFlash 600 is available for US $179. Transcend also released a 64 GB version of the JetFlash 760 which is available for a suggested price of US $89.

All are backed by Transcend's Limited Lifetime Warranty, the company said.


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    ttg_Avenged , September 27, 2012 7:15 PM
    Wow... nice lol. First!
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    uglynerdman , September 27, 2012 7:21 PM
    now if only we could replace hds with something the size of flash drives and graphics cards would go down in size all my miniitxdreams could come true.
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    velosteraptor , September 27, 2012 7:25 PM
    for $200 id rather buy a 2TB+ portable to lug around with me.
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    thrasher32 , September 27, 2012 8:02 PM
    velosteraptorfor $200 id rather buy a 2TB+ portable to lug around with me.

    Make sure that 2TB+ drive has some heavy-duty shock absorption. I've trashed a hard drive dropping it less than 1/4 inch.
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    rangas , September 27, 2012 8:16 PM
    uglynerdmannow if only we could replace hds with something the size of flash drives and graphics cards would go down in size all my miniitxdreams could come true.

    ever heard of SSDs?
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    master_chen , September 27, 2012 8:16 PM
    I'd definitely buy this if the price was reasonable (100~110$ is the highest sum that I'll ever pay for any flash dongle, even if it's the top tier model). Transcend makes quite good flash dongles.
    I have two of their dongles, 16GB and 32GB, and they serve me absolutely fine for more than 4 years now, without any problems at all.
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    techcurious , September 28, 2012 8:52 AM
    128GB drive using USB2.0? Gosh, I already get impatient with USB2.0 speeds using my 16GB drives (to be fair, they are limited to about 20MB/s, but 30MB/s is not much better)...
    The USB3.0 version "transfer rates" are up to 80MB/s.. but I wonder what the write speed is..
    As usual, Kevin doesn't provide much useful (or reliable) information. Must be nice getting paid just to copy/paste information into an article, without doing any research (in other words, real work).
    From information I found about previously released 32GB versions of the Jetflash 760 (up to 70MB/s read and 35MB/s write), I expect this 128GB drive to offer about 40MB/s write speeds. Not that great at all!
    I see Patriot (benchmarked reads 200MB/s, writes 120MB/s) and Corsair (advertised reads 220MB/s, writes 130MB/s) drives that cost a lot less (below $140) and perform several times faster!
    I only once bought a Transcend drive (16GB) a few years ago, due to it's high advertised speeds. After benchmarking it, turned out it offered that speed (over 30MB/s reads) for about the the last 3GB only, but only offered less than 50% (about 15MB/s reads) advertised speeds for the rest of the drive capacity. After some research, I found that this is how it was designed, and so my drive was not defective. Needless to say I felt totally mislead and cheated and will probably never trust Transcend again.
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    Anonymous , September 28, 2012 4:10 PM
    I will be picking a couple of these up in 2 or 3 years for 9.99 on sale at my local computer store
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    master_chen , September 28, 2012 6:06 PM
    Looks like we had a "thumbs down"-bot rampaging here, can someone ask moderator to check on that and fix everyone's thumbs?