Transcend Announces 128GB Flash Drives

Transcend said on Wednesday that its JetFlash 760 and JetFlash 600 series flash drives now offer 128 GB models. The former drive sports a USB 3.0 connection for high transfer rates up to 80 MB/s while the latter JetFlash 600 drive provides USB 2.0 transfer speeds of up to 32 MB/s.

"Combining blazing fast data transfer speed with huge storage space, Transcend's high capacity flash drives are an excellent way to effectively transport, share, and backup a huge amount of data," the company said on Tuesday.

The JetFlash 760 model sports a brightly-colored sliding USB connector that not only protects the drive and its contents, but also ensures there is no cap to lose. Available in black, the drive measures 8.9-mm thick, 69.6-mm long and 20.9-mm wide, and weighs 12g.

The JetFlash 600 model is also in black and takes full advantage of advanced dual-channel technology that combines the bandwidth of two flash chips. Unlike the USB 3.0 model, this one comes with a cap and when attached, the stick measures 60.9-mm long. It also measures 8.5-mm thick and 19.3-mm wide, and weighs 8.5g.

"Additionally, Transcend USB flash drives offer a free download of the exclusive Transcend Elite data management software, which features intelligent backup scheduling, 256-bit AES file encryption, and much more," the company said.

The new 128 GB JetFlash 760 is available for a suggested price of US $199, while the 128 GB JetFlash 600 is available for US $179. Transcend also released a 64 GB version of the JetFlash 760 which is available for a suggested price of US $89.

All are backed by Transcend's Limited Lifetime Warranty, the company said.


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  • ttg_Avenged
    Wow... nice lol. First!
  • uglynerdman
    now if only we could replace hds with something the size of flash drives and graphics cards would go down in size all my miniitxdreams could come true.
  • velosteraptor
    for $200 id rather buy a 2TB+ portable to lug around with me.