Lian Li Shows Off PC-Q13 Curved Chassis

Earlier this year at CES, we saw a number of Lian-Li's new chassises, one of which has now has been officially announced. The case in question is the PC-Q13, which is a mini-ITX chassis with a rather unique design. The case is built for users to show off their system and has a large acrylic front window on its curved front. 

The PC-Q13's power button is LED lit, blue when powered and red when there is no hard drive activity. External connectivity on the enclosure is via two USB 3.0 ports. A headphone and microphone jack are on the right side of the chassis so as to not disturb the clean look of the design.

The case has room for mini-ITX motherboards, graphics cards up to 200 mm long, and up to four 2.5-inch drives. The case also has the ability to house a small form factor power supply up to 125mm long. Behind the motherboard resides a 140 mm fan for cooling, which draws air from the side of the chassis and the top.

The chassis will hit the market in two colors, silver and black, starting in June with an MSRP of $149.

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  • hotroderx
    Seems kinda pointless in a ITX setup. Really how much can you show off?
  • halcyon
    That's pretty cool. Gotta love Lian-Li. I love what they do with aluminum.
  • beoza
    Looks like it should have a LCD screen in the front where the window is. Make the screen touch and you'd have an interesting lil kiosk type computer you could place on any counter at a business.