Smartphones Spotted with Breathalyzer, Body Fat Sensors

NTT Docomo is the predominant cellular mobile operator in Japan, and the company always has had a knack for showcasing unique technology. It was one of the first to actually sell an IPTV service, which allowed smartphone owners to watch TV over their data connections.

This time the company is demoing sensor technology, which are sold as case attachments for your existing smartphone. For the health nut, there's a sensor that measures body fat and muscle percentage. Meanwhile, the weather sensor is presumably meant for those who need constant updates about outdoor weather conditions without having to rely on a data connection, as it measures atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity. We're left a little puzzled as well as intrigued by the last sensor, as it measures breath odor and alcohol concentration.

According to the product demonstration, NTT Docomo is targeting consumers who would want to test themselves after a night out on the town. Though, this seems like it would have much more practical applications for police enforcement, since this would allow them to carry around a breathalyzer in the form of a smartphone.

We're unsure if there's a market here for devices like this in North America, but we certainly found these curiously interesting to play with.

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  • Anonymous
    please tell me these WONT run android
  • Anonymous
    Anorexic alcoholics rejoice.
  • coreym72
    Add a meth mouth sensor while you're at it.