Rumor: PlayStation 4 Will Launch in November

With Sony's PlayStation announcement just a few hours away, you'd think the rumor mill would wind down and make way for the real announcement. This morning brings a fresh round of rumors regarding Sony's PS4 plans. According to Kotaku, we can expect a November launch for the console.

Kotaku cites a regular source as saying the PS4 will be available in November and will come in two different versions. Current pricing for the consoles is $429 and $529 for each of the two models, but don't expect Sony to announce that pricing today. According to Kotaku's source, pricing could change and Sony isn't announcing anything regarding price until later in the year.

Pricing and release date aside, this source also revealed that every unit will ship with a PlayStation Eye (similar to how every Xbox 720 will apparently ship with Kinect). Users will be able to control the device with their cell phone as well as buy games and interact with their PlayStation 4 friends.

Sony is expected to unveil the next generation of PlayStation at 6 p.m. ET today. Stay tuned!

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  • noblerabbit
    Fact: PS4 to be found on Ebay at $4,000 a pop.
  • epileptic
    Kotaku? Seriously?
  • whiteodian
    noblerabbitFact: PS4 to be found on Ebay at $4,000 a pop.
    That's the only reason I would drop $529. Yikes.