Verizon, Motorola Working on Android TV Tablet?

Motorola is reportedly working on an Android-based tablet that will focus on bringing television content to viewers on the go while also addressing the shortcomings of Apple's iPad tablet.

News of an Android-based tablet from the manufacturer was expected, as Sanjay Jha--Motorola, Inc. Co-CEO and Motorola Mobility CEO--said back in May that the company was exploring a possible marriage with Android and a tablet device.

However there's speculation that the Motorola tablet will be part of the company's ongoing relationship with Verizon, possibly incorporating Verizon's FiOS digital pay-television service. Motorola already manufactures the set-top boxes for the FiOS television service, making the migration to the tablet form factor that much easier.

On a technical level, the Motorola tablet is expected to feature a 10-inch screen, two cameras (one for video conferencing and one for pictures), support for Adobe Flash, and offer HotSpot capabilities. It is also expected to be thinner and lighter than the iPad, and use Google's upcoming Android v3.0 aka "Gingerbread," supposedly providing a better experience visually than what's currently seen on v2.2 aka "Froyo."

Until Verizon, Motorola, and Google confirm the report, the news is merely speculation . Currently we're waiting on a response to our query from Verizon, however we're expecting the typical "we decline to comment" statement.

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  • TunaSoda
    Yeah, Moto will make it and Verizon will strip out the TV feature...
  • tommysch
    Old S-Korean phones??
  • jellico
    TunaSodaYeah, Moto will make it and Verizon will strip out the TV feature...

    Well, the technology is moving faster than they can keep up. Case in point, I've got 5 lines on my Verizon account. My phone wasn't eligible for an upgrade, so I used the online feature to transfer the upgrade and credit from a different line to my line, then I proceeded to purchase a Droid X (got it for $150). So it arrived yesterday, but I can't activate it because that "Transfer an upgrade" feature wasn't implemented correctly and now it get kicked back to IT where they will "fix it within 7 days." (I got them to comp a nice car mount and charger for my inconvenience).

    Still, the point is, they strip out features because they can't keep up with all the changes and it's easier to do that. It's annoying as hell, but all of the wireless companies each have their particular area of annoyance.