UK and American Wii U Users Get Google Street View

Nintendo yesterday announced the arrival of Google Maps for Wii U users in North America. Google's mapping application was previously only available for Japanese Wii U users. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced the availability of the service for North American users, however, Pocket-Lint writes that it also works on UK Wii Us.

Dubbed Wii Street U, Nintendo said today that the Google-powered application is now available as a free download for a limited time from the Nintendo eShop. The application taps into the Google Maps service and allows users to get a 360-degree view of locations around the world using the Wii U GamePad. 

Though Google Street View is available on many platforms (web, mobile, etc.), the Wii U implementation is a bit different in that it involves the Wii U GamePad. Users can pan on the Wii U's GamePad tablet and have satellite imagery displayed on their TV in front of them.

No word on how much the application will cost once Nintendo stops giving it away for free. We'll keep you posted on that.

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  • master_chen
    >Wii Street U
    What's next, "Wii Strip U"?
  • meat81
    Wow amazing... i guess this is great because you wouldn't want to game on this system because it is sub-par compared to other offerings....But at least they can navigate!.....? Wouldnt want to "game" on your "gaming system".
  • dark_lord69
    Great now you can use it to...
    you could.. umm...
    well it's for... umm...
    I have no f**king clue why you would want that on your Wii.