Report: Next-gen Xbox TV Device Coming in 2013

Though Microsoft is apparently planning to show off its next generation Xbox console at some point next year, the Xbox 720 isn't the only piece of Xbox hardware that Redmond has up its sleeve. According to the Verge, the company is planning a two-SKU strategy for 2013 and it includes a set-top box dubbed Xbox TV.

The Verge cites multiple sources familiar with Microsoft's plans that say the company will a low-cost alternative to the Xbox that will run on core components of Windows 8 and offer access to core entertainment services as well as casual gaming titles. Details on the specifications of this device are pretty slim, but the Verge writes that it will be an "always-on" device with fast boot times to deliver quick access to TV and entertainment services.

Though it's not yet clear what services we can expect with this new Xbox TV set-top box, it's likely these will include Microsoft's own Xbox Music and Xbox Video will be on there as well as some third party offerings like Hulu and Netflix. The device is expected to be launched in time for holiday 2013, similar to the Xbox 720. Stay tuned and we'll bring you more information as it comes!

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  • mightymaxio
    This might be an interesting competitor to Roku, AppleTV, or GoogleTV. If it is priced the same I might get one just to check out what you can do with it. If you could use a 360 controller I would be all for this
  • edogawa
    This is actually very interesting.

    One reasonable small time fee for a DVR box that can just use a cable card and run Windows 8, it would give me a reason to get rid of FiOS DVRS, those things are so slow and expensive for multiple rooms!

    I was hoping to get a Centon Q, but that looks like a lost cause. :(
  • esrever
    Sounds like an interesting device, if it can play xbox live arcade games for cheap, it would be such a bad device.