AMD Promotes John Byrne to Chief Sales Officer

As chief sales officer, Byrne is responsible for all global accounts and making sure that AMD is perceived as a credible and trustworthy partner. CEO has given Byrne the task of "exceeding the expectations of AMD's largest multinational partners".

While several key positions in AMD's top management have been filled with fresh blood, Byrne has been recruited from AMD's own ranks. Byrne was previously corporate vice president for the Americas region and corporate vice president of worldwide channel and SMB sales before that. He joined AMD in 2009 from Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS), where he served as president.

Over the past year, AMD has replaced all critical pillars of its company leadership with new executives. CEO Rory Read came from Lenovo, CMO Colette LaForce from Dell, chief strategy officer Rajan Naik from McKinsey & Company, CTO Mark Papermaster from Apple/IBM, and Lisa Su, SVP Global Business, from Freescale.


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  • 1ni3shi
    Now AMD just need real products for John to sell.
  • azraa
    ... Are you guys serious?
    Sure, sure, we all know that AMD isnt a strong competitor, but some of their products actually compete well against some from Intel. The higher end? helpless, gone to the blue side, but what about HTPCs? Low/mid budget gaming rigs? Come on, you cant tell me that you need an i7 to achieve decent gaming. A 4-core FX with a bit of (easy) overclock is just fine if you dont bottleneck your video card, which is why sites like this exists, to find correct combinations, and as far as I know, CPU bottlenecking from FX chips (in gaming) is not as bad as you think.

    Again, they need to make space to their market. For example, I dont see ANY advertising from AMD in my country, at all. Even less on TV. They do have products to compete with, but most people go, uninformed, to the 'Intel inside'. Now, im not saying Intel's bad, at all. And is still a very good choice at some pricepoints, but they mainly catch people with propaganda, nobody can deny that.

    Bottomline, I really expect this guy to do wonders. Oncoming FX Piledrivers, having Trinity. They need to create awareness inside the uneducated masses. Titanic task, and so, I wish him the best.

    Cheers everyone c:
  • ekho
    AMD isn't that bad... IMO, they have to work much more closer with software developers.
    They must hire more programmers to write suitable drivers specially for the Graphics section.
    AMD is really good but without supporting from software developers each new product of AMD turns to be another failure: