Microsoft Office for iPhone? Please, No!

Today a lot of people are talking about the scary possibility of Microsoft Office for iPhone.

During a Web 2.0 Questions and Answers session, president of Microsoft’s Business Division Stephen Elop let a little something slip. Tim O'Reilly, the organizer of the Web 2.0 conference, pointed out during a chat about client software that no one is using Office on their iPhone, to which Elop responded "Not yet, you're not." The Register reports that when he was pressed on the matter, he let out a terse "keep watching."

Creepy déjà vu from when Skype told us to keep watching, we find it hard to believe Microsoft would ever develop Office for iPhone. iPhoners can already view Excel and Word documents on their phones and, while it’s probably a pain in the neck that they can’t edit them, we’re hoping Office never comes to the iPhone.

While usually, I’m the first person to gush with enthusiasm about possibilities for the iPhone, MS Office on the device is something I actively don’t want. Smartphones are a wonderful invention and no doubt about it, email, news, browsing, the weather, twitter and whatever else on your phone is a great experience. However, composing whole documents on your phone is where I think it crosses the line and moves from phone to a ultra mobile device. It’s the same way we feel about phones with high quality cameras built in: If you want a phone, buy a phone, if you want a camera with over 5 megapixels, bite the bullet and buy a camera.

With applications now available that allow you to edit your MS Office documents, what do you guys think of this news? While I dread the prospect of Word on the iPhone, I’m sure a lot of people would be well up for it. Leave your thoughts below!

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  • Hupiscratch
    Well, I dont use iPhone, but nothing against Office on the mobile.
  • runmymouth
    Office on the I-phone would be handy at times. I don't use mine for buisnes, they gave me a crackberry for that.
  • E7130
    Well, hm, I see it as a good idea if Apple wants to better corner the business sector. My last company always viewed spreadsheets, pdfs, etc on their phones.