Google Animations Show Features of Chrome OS

Today was Google's big reveal of Chrome OS and its first notebook hardware. While the first actual retail products running Chrome OS won't hit in 2011, there will be a pilot program for testers to experience all that Google explains in the videos below.

For one, it's highly interesting how Chrome OS is completely aptly named since it basically exists entirely inside the browser. Of course, if your internet goes down, so does most of Chrome OS's functionality – which is why there is a built-in 3G connection.

Verizon will be providing the 3G services and there will be a free 100MB per month for two years, but Big Red will be happy to sell more extensive data plans for those who need more than that tiny amount.

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  • joytech22
    Chrome OS looks alright, i'll definitely try it but not as a permanent OS.
    I'm just curious to see how it will work, i need to know first hand.

    Last time i said this i was thumb'd down heaps! These are just my opinions.
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  • reggieray
    I don't trust Google who has been in bed with the Obama administration or any other corporation to control all my computer to this extent. I do think this computer (unless Google locks it out) will be highly compatible with Ubuntu or quickly will be. Running Ubuntu on it has me intrigued. The notebook looks like a Black Macbook Pro of sorts, oversized track pad and the F-keys look almost identical also the chick-let keyboard and lid open thumb spot too.
    If priced right and Ubuntu is proved on it I will probably get one if they keep this design.
  • mrmoo500
    All I have to say is that the chrometop/laptop better be super cheap for anyone to buy one. Who would pay more than $300 to have a laptop that only surfs the web? I know I wouldn't.
  • Ragnar-Kon
    For some reason I have a feeling this Chrome OS thing is gonna fail.

    Actually, let me rephrase that statement (since I thought iPad was going to bomb as well and it didn't):

    I'm not gonna buy it.