Dell lines up new quad-SLI gaming PC, portable desktop

Round Rock (TX) - If you have missed out on Dell's first PC with four graphics cards, here's another chance. The company just launched its second quad-SLI PC as well as a high-end portable desktop computer with a 20" display and an "ultramobile" performance notebook.

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The acquisition of Alienware appears to have sparked new enthusiasm at Dell to appeal to a younger consumer crowd that isn't interested in your average mainstream computer, but is willing to shell out extra bucks for high-performance features and unique designs.

The company today announced the new quad-SLI system XPS 700, available from just under $4000, which follows the limited production Renegade PC and targets users that are looking for the most pixel horsepower currently available on the market. Decked out with goodies such as a Pentium Extreme Edition processor, 4 GB of memory, 1 TB of storage space, two "next-gen" dual-GPU graphics cards and a 30" display, the computer rings in at slightly more than $8500 - which is substantially less than a similarly equipped the cost of the Renegade, which was priced at $10,000.

Dell also introduced the XPS M2010 portable desktop - an interesting design which allows users to fold teh system and its 20" screen into the shape of a large briefcase. According to Dell, the PC sports eight speakers plus a subwoofer, a detachable, full-sized Bluetooth wireless keyboard and gyroscope-enabled remote, a webcam and a slot-load DVD drive. "The articulating hinges supporting the display double as a system handle when the system is closed, making the XPS M2010 easy to carry and truly portable," Dell said. The XPS M2010 is priced from about $3500.

Also new is the XPS M1210 notebook, Dell's first system that is available with a wireless broadband option. For $180, the notebook can be equipped with an EVDO card that connects to Verizon's EVDO service; for 4230, there is also a HSDPA card for Cingular's HSDPA service available.

The XPS M1210 comes with a 12.1" screen and comes standard with a dual-core Intel processor, 1 GB of memory and a 60 GB hard drive. Pricing starts at about $1300 with top-of-the-line models crossing the $5500 mark.

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