Some Apple Stores Offering Exchanges On iPad 3 Purchases

Apple finally announced the hotly-anticipated iPad mini at its event in San Francisco yesterday. However, while it may have been the star of the show, the iPad mini wasn't the only device unveiled. On top the of the iPad mini, a new Mac mini, a new iMac, and a new MacBook Pro, Apple also updated the regular-sized iPad. That's right after just six months of availability, the iPad 3 is officially out-of-date.


Suffice to say, those that purchased the iPad 3 might be feeling a little bit of buyer's remorse. Best case scenario, they bought it immediately after launch, which means their six-month-old tablet has already been replaced by a newer model. Worst case scenario, they just it just a few days ago, right before the iPad 4's unveiling.

For those that find themselves in the latter category, there may be something you can do about it. Some Apple stores are reportedly offering exchanges to folks that bought the iPad 3 in the last 30 days. CNet spoke to an Apple Store manager in San Francisco that said, in her specific store (Stockton Street), anyone that purchased an iPad 3 would be allowed to exchange it for an iPad 4 provided there was no serious signs of wear-and-tear. Sounds like those that aren't in that 30-day window are still bound by the usual 14-day return policy, though.

While Apple has made no official announcement about this being a store-wide company policy, if you bought your iPad very recently and are feeling a bit cheated by yesterday's launch, you should look into whether or not you can exchange it for the new iPad 4.

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  • chugot9218
    How bout if it's not purchased at an Apple store? Anyone have any insight on that?
  • zero messiah
    "Worst case scenario, they just it just a few days ago," 'Just' sayin', ya'll need some Copy Editors.
  • scannall
    Chugot9218How bout if it's not purchased at an Apple store? Anyone have any insight on that?

    For years and years now they have done this around product announcements. The length of time has varied anywhere from 14 days to 30 days. Nothing new.