Forget iPad Mini: Leak Shows Purported iPad 4 Parts

Ahead of the iPad Mini announcement event taking place tomorrow, images of a purported iPad 4 Lightning dock connector has been leaked.

In order to add credence, the photos in question features a comparison of both the Lightning dock connector for an iPad 4 and the dock for the iPad Mini. The new dock seemingly confirms that the iPad 3's next major successor is being redesigned to support several new components.

In addition to the iPad Mini and the aforementioned next-generation iPad, Apple is said to be preparing another tablet-related announcement for tomorrow's media event. The company is also rumored to be debuting a revised 9.7-inch Retina model of the device.

The latter is likely to receive a Lightning connector as the iPhone 5 did, while its price will match the price points stemming from its predecessors.

Apple is expected to announce the iPad Mini, a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and a new lineup of Mac Minis tomorrow.

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  • joytech22
    Interesting = Everything else > Apple Products

    Why is there so much news on this stuff? Where's the news for all of these new laptops that are being released left, right and center?
  • dutchling
    If anyone sells their Ipad 3 just to buy a revised ipad 3 with lighting connector, I swear I oughta
  • RogueKitsune
    This article would be slightly interesting if it wasn't apple just repackaging their old hardware and calling it new. Though that still wont stop sheeps from buying it :\