Rumored iPod Nano Refresh Coming in September

Earlier this month, rumors began to swirl surrounding an upcoming special event hosted by Apple on September 12th. While we have since heard, many, many more rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone 5 announcement, it looks like Apple may also have a new Nano hidden up its sleeves.

German-based publication iFun reveals some interesting information regarding Shell Germany awards members. According to iFun, members who chose to purchase the Nano with their award points received a letter stating the product would be unavailable until a new version arrives in September.

The letter states:

“There is an unexpected delay in the delivery of your Shell CLUBSMART premium “Apple iPod nano 8GB blue” due to an upcoming re-introduction of this device from Apple (according to our information). Therefore Apple is currently not able to deliver the “old” model..”

While the stock of one retailer is far from conclusive, a lack of iPod Nanos leftover could be a good indication of a new device on the way. For now, it seems most retailers have plenty to go around, but that could just have something to do with the fact that the Nano has plenty of competition to go around.

With the iPod Nano offering users a smaller, cheaper MP3-playing alternative to the iPod touch, it would definitely make sense for Apple to update the line, but we'll just have to wait until September for official word.


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