Icy Dock's Flex-Fit Trio Accessory Can Hold 3 HDDs in 5.25"

Icy Dock has revealed its latest PC accessory, the Flex-Fit Trio MB343SP. This accessory is an expansion adapter that will fit in 5.25" bays, and can carry up to two 2.5" SSDs or HDDs, as well as a 3.5" device.

The 3.5" devices that it can carry are not limited to 3.5" hard drives; it can carry both 3.5" hard drives as well as front-accessible 3.5" devices, such as floppy drives or card readers. Very few cases come with front 3.5" bays these days, so this might be a useful space-efficient alternative to using an older or undesirable case.

The accessory even has a metal cover for the 3.5" bay to prevent the open bay from spoiling the front view of the PC. All the drives can also be installed without the use of tools, though screw holes are present for the 3.5" drive for added rigidity.

Availability is expected for this month, though there was no word on official MSRP pricing.

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  • doomtomb
    Cool but I think 5.25" bays are the on the way out.
  • dgingeri
    hooray. I have two 2.5" backplanes in two systems that turn a 5.25" bay into 4 2.5" bays, and these are hot swappable. This is not really all that exciting.
  • jasonelmore
    Why didnt i think of this! this is great for those using smal mini itx cases such as Bitfenix series and Corsair's HAF XB.This allows 2 ssd's in raid 0 for lightning fast OS and Program storage, and a big 3.5 slot for a 4TB driver perfect for storing your steam library or production content.