Intel Issues SSD Firmware Fix for Data Corruption

Late last month Intel paused shipments of its new 34-nm X25-M G2 solid state drives due to a bug that would corrupt data when adding, deleting, or modifying the drive's password in the system BIOS.

"Initially we were told this might require a complete reworking of the drives, and that those we had gotten in were effectively unusable, but Intel was able to work out a firmware fix for the problem," the said OEM system builder Puget Systems' William George.

Now that firmware fix is available for download straight from Intel's download center page with its updating tool.

If you're lucky enough to have an Intel SSD, flash your firmware today and let us know how it goes!

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  • Wow... this is old news. This was posted over at DT like 2 weeks ago. Slow day eh?
  • This article is stating that the firmware fix has been released, not that Intel was telling people that the halted shipments were due to a firmware bug...
  • So can I please buy one now?