Intel's 32nm Medfield Atom Android Tablet Pictured

Not only will the company have to put some products behind its promises, but it will also have to make clear that Intel processors are superior to ARM chips when running Windows 8. Expect information to become available by the slice (a big slice at CES) and expect to read about leaks like this one. 

Slashgear received some information and pictures from a reader who apparently got his hands on what seems to be a Medfield SoC reference design tablet running Android. The pictures are pretty blurry and do not allow anyone to make any conclusions about Medfield and how well it performs - or how much better it performs than a common ARM chip. The source claims that he got his hands on the tablet for just $50.

There are no surprises as far as looks and features of this specific reference tablet are concerned, but there is the indication that Intel could be giving away reference designs to developers at this time.

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  • de5_Roy
    i wonder what the tablet holder is trying to measure...(refering to the 2nd pic).
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  • de5_Roy
    i wonder what the tablet holder is trying to measure...(refering to the 2nd pic).
  • alyoshka
    needle nose ??? Maybe :)
  • nottheking
    I'm still a little wary about Atom... Much of the power increase would simply come from a higher clock rate; clock-for-clock, Atom doesn't tend to score as big a gain over ARM as other current x86 architectures, such as Nehalem/Sandy Bridge, AMD's Stars, or even Bulldozer.

    That, and many ARM CPUs are claiming sub-watt TDPs... While the CPU tends to be secondary to the screen and wireless in terms of power consumption, it could still make an impact, so I have to wonder a bit about the battery life. Little word on precisely the core used for Medfield, (since the name appears to apply to the whole SoC, and not just the CPU) but I'll hope, for Intel's sake, that it's the MID counterpart to Cedar Trail; they'd managed to scrape the 1W TDP line there.