GeForce GTX 750 Ti Benchmarked: Slower Than GTX 660?

We've read some reports around the web lately about a rumored new Nvidia GPU codenamed Maxwell. The word on the street is that it'll be officially launched as GeForce GTX 750 Ti, but still be on the 28 nm process.

Little is known at this point, but another trickle of unconfirmed information comes from Chinese site Coolaler, comparing the supposed GTX 750 Ti to a GTX 660:

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  • cramved
    The power usage could be way lower
  • skit75
    GTX 660 performance numbers at nearly half the heat.... Introducing the GTX 750Ti
  • Estix
    Can't think of a good reason for this thing over, say, an R9 270...I love Nvidia, but you really do pay for the brand sometimes...