Report: Nvidia Prepping Maxwell-based 750 Ti for February

It seems like only last month, Nvidia's Jen-Hsun Huang was talking to us about the company's desktop GPU roadmap and Maxwell from the stage at GTC. Huang revealed that Maxwell would offer UVM, or unified virtual memory, which allows the CPU and GPU to share the same memory. If you can believe it, that was nearly a year ago. Since then, Nvidia has been keeping pretty quiet when it comes to information on Maxwell, but we always have the rumor mill to keep us going, right?


The latest scuttlebutt says we could see the first Maxwell-based GPU as early as next month. SweClockers says it will be a TSMC-made GeForce GTX 750 Ti manufactured on the 28 nanometer process, and it will replace the GTX 650 Ti Boost. The card is pegged for a February 18 launch, though Nvidia isn't confirming anything. You'll notice this card is carrying the GTX 700 series branding as opposed to the much talked about GTX 800 series branding that was rumored for Maxwell. TechPowerUp reckons Nvidia might be testing the waters with Maxwell on the existing 28 nanometer process before taking things to the next level on the future 20 nanometer nodes.

We've actually been hearing about Maxwell for almost four years. Way back in 2010, when Nvidia was shipping Fermi, the company named Kepler and then Maxwell, which promised 16 times the performance in parallel graphics-based computing and the ability to work independent of the CPU, as the next stops on its GPU roadmap. Looks like the wait is almost over!

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  • thesuperguy
    I was admittedly hoping it would replace the 660.
  • amk09
    You know with this new architecture, it just might. If this 750 can hold it's own against the 660/560, and stays within the typical x50 price range, it could turn out to be one of the best bang for buck cards we've seen in this range of performance. Perfect entry level card for a console gamer wanting graphics that will match and exceed the quality of graphics that the new consoles generate.
  • mrcoolbreeze704
    But will it beat Hawaii based amd offerings?