Asus GeForce GTX 750 Ti "Maxwell" Shows Up Online

Last week, the rumor mill was saying the first Maxwell card to hit the market would be the GTX 750 Ti. Late last night, an Asus-branded GeForce GTX hit the web, showing up on The model number was GTX750Ti-OC-2GD5 and Sayed Muhammead Usman Pirzada over on WCCFTech writes that list price was about $225 (50 000 HUF).


That's not cheap for a mid-range card. Right now, we're hoping performance justifies price, or that this price is a guesstimate on Tech 2's part because official pricing isn't yet available. The listing has since been pulled and is no longer available on Tech 2 (the link now points to a 404 error) and the site hasn't commented on its slip up.

Maxwell, originally scheduled for 2013, will offer UVM, or unified virtual memory, which means the CPU and GPU will be able to share the same memory. This was first announced by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at GTC almost a year ago. Looks like we'll get our first taste of Maxwell in less than a month.

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  • Sakkura
    .hu is the TLD for Hungary. The VAT rate in Hungary is 27%, so a retail price of $225 means that the pre-VAT price would be about $175.
  • slyu9213
    8-Core Broadwell/Haswell + Maxwell Video card sounds like a good Intel Build.
  • Lessthannil
    $225? Come on! Assuming that price would representative of the average price of a 750 Ti, there is little incentive to get the 750 Ti since you could get the GTX 760. According to benchmarks, the 750 Ti is slower than the GTX 660, which was pretty bad. However, those benchmarks didn't have context as there were no clock speeds or any of the like listed.

    I think it should be a GTX 650 Ti Boost replacement for around $140 for a 1GB version. There aren't any more Boosts or 7850s, which creates a gulf between the 7790/650 Ti and the 270(X), which also would make that around-$150 market easy to win in.