Nvidia Demonstrates Quad-core Kal-El Chip

Dual-core Tegra 2 chips are the brains and brawn behind the top performing Android smartphones and tablets, but Nvidia is already promising a quad-core version it calls Kal-El (the birth name of Superman) for later this year.

Nvidia has just revealed a tech demo/game called Glowball that shows off what the quad-core CPU and its 12-core GPU can do when it comes to dynamic lighting and real-time physics. Nvidia says that this marks the first time that this type of lighting is possible on  a mobile device.

The Glowball demo runs smoothly on the early Kal-El silicon, but when Nvidia disables two of the cores to make it effectively a dual-core affair, performance chugs noticeably – helping to prove Nvidia's push for more cores.

Nvidia Kal-El Glowball demo

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  • Parsian
    This is practically PS3/XBX360 graphics but at full HD 1080p judging from native size of the video. Unbelievable.
  • milktea
    Amazing what smart-phone graphics have come to.
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  • milktea
    Amazing what smart-phone graphics have come to.
  • christop
  • back_by_demand
    Now allow us to run Windows on the tablet so we can install Crysis