Office 2010 Hits RC Stage, But You Can't Have It

Microsoft Office 2010 this week hit the Release Candidate milestone, signaling that the product is nearly ready for prime time.

Interestingly, unlike the public beta release (which was downloaded over 2 million times), this release candidate is not available for just anyone's consumption.

"Microsoft made a release candidate available to members in the technology adoption program (TAP)," a Microsoft representative told Cnet. "This is one of Microsoft's planned milestones in the engineering process; however (we) do not have plans to make this new code set available broadly."

Microsoft said that it benefited greatly from the wide-range of public testing it had for Windows 7 through its multiple beta and release candidate phases, so it's a little strange that the company isn't adopting the same strategy for its premier productivity suite.

Microsoft Office 2010 is slated for release in June.

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  • Tomtompiper
    What can it do that 2007 couldn't or 2003 or XP or 2000 or 97? I think this is a case of milking customers dry.
  • itadakimasu
    I didn't use 2007 very much...

    I've been using 2010 since they released the beta. There are some good features I like, for example... If I have a spreadsheet open and I'm searching, it lets you click in the spreadsheet while keeping the find box on top. In 2000-2003, you have to first close the find box, then open it back up if you still need it, which is a pain.

    Alot of stuff is re-arranged and in some cases hard to find. I Had to revert to my old access because I couldn't find the "export" feature!
  • botabota
    same function... just change the user interface to confuse us all...
    "OMG check it out I can still do Copy and Paste.. the button just moved slightly to the left... damn that took me like 5 minutes to figure it out"
    ... still ctrl+c is still the same and havent change for decades