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HP Wants to Be Cooler than Apple

By - Source: BBC | B 69 comments

Some say perception is everything and perception can be something very different when you work for a company or if you are simply a customer.

While I know that HP can be cool place to work, the outside perception isn't nearly as cool. HP's new CEO, Leo Apotheker, however, envisions HP to be just as cool as Apple. In an interview ith BBC, Apotheker said that “the Internet is going totally mobile, the bandwidth is there ... so many technologies are converging, and HP is the one company that can put it all together. We want to be the leader in this.” 

“I hope one day people will say 'this is as cool as HP,' not 'as cool as Apple,'" Apotheker said. He hinted to a few drastic changes on this path. HP will kill the Palm brand and launch new products at its February 9 event as HP products. There is a clear desire to own a certain "wow factor", as Apotheker called it, that will support the future growth of the company. He sees much more potential in the company than has been leveraged in the past: “Shame on us, though,” Apotheker added. “ I don’t think HP has been telling its story as well as it could over the past few years.

It is difficult to walk into an electronics store and have the specific intent look for certain HP products today. Apotheker has a lot of work ahead. However, there has always been the notion in the industry that HP has the talent and resources to take on Apple in design and marketing. The company just needs to proof that it can really do it.  

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    bavman , February 5, 2011 12:45 AM
    They need to step up their game though. Last hp notebook i bought was crap in terms of build quality, and overheated all the time. Just make sure you dont become aholes and overcharge for your products lol
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    icepick314 , February 5, 2011 12:51 AM
    don't make it "cool"...

    just make great laptops that works and last a long time...

    I don't need to carry one like a hipster accessory...
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    lifelesspoet , February 5, 2011 1:12 AM
    Hey kids, look at our cheap and crappy laptops! Aren't they cool!
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    gekko668 , February 5, 2011 1:30 AM
    Make your hardware reliable, high res LCD and replace that stupid multi-touch wannabe track pad and i'll guy your product any day.
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    gnookergi , February 5, 2011 1:31 AM
    Not hard to do HP, can't you have higher aspirations?
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    Anonymous , February 5, 2011 1:39 AM
    They need to dump Microsoft to change their image for the better. MS is an anchor.
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    jrharbort , February 5, 2011 1:48 AM
    As mentioned in a few comments already, it wouldn't hurt for them to improve their hardware reliability, and offer a better standard warranty. It helps when customers know you stand behind your product's ability to last.

    This is where their name has been tarnished the most. They have a lot of work to do to start convincing consumers otherwise.
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    beayn , February 5, 2011 2:01 AM
    He fails to realize that Apple is only cool to Apple fans. The rest of the sane world doesn't think that way. As someone stated above, just improve the quality and customers will notice.
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    hummerchine , February 5, 2011 2:12 AM
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    overclockingrocks , February 5, 2011 2:23 AM
    improve product reliability back to what it used to be before the DV2000 series laptops came out (which were garbage and had tons of motherboard issues) and I'd be more than happy to buy an HP laptop. Back before the DV series came out HP was known for reliability and a well built machine. The DV series changed all that. Massive overheating issues and motherboards failing in just over a year (case in point my friends DV2202 motherboard died in 13 months thankfully he bought the 3 year extended warranty).

    If they want to take on Apple they have to get their QC/QA levels back up and go back to the way they used to be. Until they resolve the underlying reliability and build quality issues they have NO chance at taking on Apple or any other manufacturer that's using higher end parts and has better QA/QC along with incredibly stable and reliable products
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    batman4u , February 5, 2011 2:25 AM
    apple may be expensive and first macbooks (intel crap) where a power hog and could get so hot it could fry a buffalo in 1 minute but besie that all the computers i had from apple are RELIABLE

    Hp dont sell that defective junk you sell i have seen 10 tablets gone dark and lots of you pavillon crap notebooks

    P.S. crap doesnt make you popular
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    captaincharisma , February 5, 2011 2:26 AM
    buzz killington has a better chance of not being a buzz kill than HP being cool with there low quality products
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    tmuaddib , February 5, 2011 2:26 AM
    original poster has the same issue I do. My girlfriends family bought 5 NICE (at the time) hp laptops, 4 larger ones and 1 tablet style that had a rotating screen you could swivel to lay on top of the keyboard. They all were nice looking, packed with hardware (were meant as gaming/world of warcraft laptops, bought around 3 years ago now I believe) and came with ejectable remotes built into the chassis. All 4 have broken in some way or another, whether cracked screens/missing buttons/broken power adaptors etc. That could be mostly/all due to mis-use as they are pretty rough with them, but the MAIN problem all of them had was, they ALL overheated, way to much. They even overheated when not gaming, but when gaming it got extreme, one sister has an iphone sized (seeming to be permanent as shes had it pretty much 3 years now) brown discolored spot on her thigh from where she sat it for too long when using it. I know they are 'notebooks' now, not 'laptops' for that very reason, but cmon, dont put all that super-hardware in there, and then screw it up by not putting in adequate heating... The damn things overheated so much they would all slow to a crawl or freeze/blue screen over time. Too bad, other than that the family loved em.
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    xantek24 , February 5, 2011 2:29 AM
    1. the last time my grandpa wanted to be "hip" he got his ass kicked....
    2. who the hell said apple was cool?
    3. be a leader, not a follower...
    4. did i mentioned apple sux?
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    hupatek , February 5, 2011 2:31 AM
    HP has both potential and gloroius history to easily stir the new line of cool equipment. The big value of both Apple and HP devices was always good ergonomics - but Apple ergonomics is focused on rich dummies while HP was for professionals and heavy workers.
    Personally I love using old HP calculators (i.e. 11c) with ideal keyboard feel, than there are unbreakable laser printers, professional osciloscopes, even ending with ordinary balanced 6730b, I'm using now.

    If they want to be cool they must not follow Apple, rather building new businnes over above value and completely new ideas.

    Direct Apple followers fails do gain so, they are just followers - sometimes worsened by small yet visible issues (ie. ergonomics - Samsung galaxy with choppy scrolling)...
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    batman4u , February 5, 2011 2:36 AM
    BETTER START GOING FOR... BE AS GOOD AS GATEWAY lol you by far are the worst reliable compuuter company

    PC-Reliability chart

    5-Lenovo(was better when was IBM)
    1,000,000- Hewlett Packard

    Tip: stick to build your rappaport Sthetoscope maybe someone with knowledge will take you seriously that way
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    Anonymous , February 5, 2011 2:49 AM
    dell in 2nd place... you lose all credibility.
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    virochana , February 5, 2011 3:22 AM
    HP use to have a top reputation before they got into the commodity market.
    I have several HP higher end notebooks, and they work well, but they do get hot.

    The problem here, in terms of notebooks and pcs, is that HP is not a manufacturuer at a low level, i.e., they do not make the CPU's, Graphic Chips, etc, and thus they are assembling componants, competing against others doing the same. Of course there is lots of technical know how, deisgn, and engineering involved, but there is a difference.

    Now Apple also did not manufacture their own chips, but they did have their own OS and it use to run on motorolla chips, and it gave them a closed arena in which to hone their assmebly and design, keep prices high for a niche market, and make a larger profit.

    Personally i do not like apple, and yes i have owned their laptops before. I think they are overpriced, over hyped, and the company seems to be un-ethical in their presentation.

    HP does have the skill to do all of this right, but they are going to need real clear leadership and precise timing. More than the type of thinking of buying the palm brand.

    1) There is a technology issue. They need to have both the power and not overheating problems. I tended to go the HP route, because as a software developer, i need the power and would not consider a laptio without it. But for the mass market, i would say less power, but also less heat is more of a winning formula.
    But this might be a non-issue with the new sandy bridge platform.

    2) Limit the number of products, and get each one perfect, even if it means loosing initial shelf space. Extra copper on the motherboards, slick design, advanced research into cooling solutions.

    3) The display, at least on some models, has to be top notch. What would happen if HP came out with a notebook that used one of the more advance LCD scanning mechanisms, even if this high end notebook cost an extra $500. Imagine a notebook with a screen that could be calibrated - what a market that would open up, and you would get huge points for your reputation as well.

    4) Drastically lower the acceptaple failure rate level. Remove problem products from the market, take a loss for a period of time for a future dominance. I think Samsung did something like this, and look where they are now.

    Yeah, HP, get back to where you were.
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    thillntn , February 5, 2011 3:40 AM
    hp=harry pooter; they are magic when they work right!
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    JOSHSKORN , February 5, 2011 3:41 AM
    Stop making things that are "cool" and start making things that work and don't feel like crap to the touch. My HP notebook I got about 3 or so years ago was great until the screen died, my new HP notebook w/ Windows 7 sucks. I can't stand the touchpad on it.
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