Get Tom's Hardware On Your Mobile Phone!

Enjoy reading Tom's Hardware while at your desk? Now you can read us when you're on the go too from your mobile device.

We're pleased to reveal to you our mobile-optimized version of Tom's Hardware. On it you will find specially formatted pages for all your favorite news and reviews. The page layout is devoid of images--except for the site's logo--and the headlines are short and concise. When you click on a link to an article, you'll also be presented with a more condensed version.

Point your mobile browsers to and place a bookmark!

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  • apache_lives
    First iPhone app news thats relevant and interesting for reader me says
  • MadGoat1979
    bought time... lets hope it isn't SO trimmed down that it's no longer fuctional (like most sites)

    Ahem, newegg...

  • mrmohas
    The mobile web page wouldn't load on my mobile device or in Firefox. =(