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Antenna-Gate: Cellular Signal Woes, Be Gone

Apple iPhone 4S, Part 1: More Horsepower, Better Hardware

iPhone 4 (bottom) & iPhone 4S (top)iPhone 4 (bottom) & iPhone 4S (top)

iPhone 4iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 became infamous for its poor cellular signal reception when it was held bare. This problem was eventually dubbed antenna-gate because Apple had to issue bumpers to resolve the issue. We're happy to say that the iPhone 4S doesn't suffer the same antenna-related design shortcomings; the antennas are repositioned from the sides to the top and bottom. This modification doesn't seem to be affected by orientation. Even in landscape mode, signal reception is fine.

iPhone 4 (bottom) & iPhone 4S (top)iPhone 4 (bottom) & iPhone 4S (top)

iPhone 4SiPhone 4S

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