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Z87X-UD4H Firmware

Five Z87 Motherboards Under $220, Reviewed

To the firmware for its Z87X-UD4H, Gigabyte adds some of the features its chief competitor spent nearly an hour bragging about, including a Performance home page with the most frequently-used clock settings. For Gigabyte, this is simply an advancement of its already-popular M.I.T. "Frequency" main menu, and does not include voltage controls. We were able to reach a stable 4.7 GHz after setting voltage appropriately.

The CPU Core Features submenu grows longer with Haswell, and now requires a scroll-through.

Changing DRAM Timing Selectable within the Z87X-UD4H memory menu to Quick allows full control of both channels within its Timings submenu. Expert mode allows per-channel timings.

Individual settings include primary, secondary, and tertiary timings. These can each be altered without affecting the automatic mode of other timings.


Wholly bloat(ed) Batman! Four submenus within the Voltage main menu have as few as one setting. We reached 1.30 V under load at the Z87X-UD4H’s 1.28 V setting, and a volt meter showed that the board’s 1.625 V firmware setting produced our memory’s 1.65 V DIMM rating.

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