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External Storage - Page 2


With several connecting technologies, storage technologies, and a constantly changing warranty landscape, it can be difficult to find the external storage device that meets your needs for speed, reliability, and budget. That's why we provide thorough reviews to help.

news - NOVEMBER 24 8

Netgear has a new NAS.

news - NOVEMBER 1 13

This external Blu-ray burner features a clear side for mounting photographs.

news - OCTOBER 17 5

Adata has just announced its first USB On-The-Go flash drives.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 8

New drives are already on sale online.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 2

OWC now has a 3TB model of its Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini external storage solution in RAID 0 and RAID 1 flavors.

news - SEPTEMBER 6 1

New portable hard drives under Western Digital's popular My Passport brand.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 8

Corsair's newest flash drives are already on the market.

news - AUGUST 30 0

HighPoint has launched a storage dock that uses two USB 3.0 interfaces in order to fully dilate a SATA3 connection.

reviews - JULY 22 35

It's hard to believe that the fastest USB 3.0-rated thumb drives can outperform the hard drive in your desktop PC. On the other hand, the slowest models shouldn't even be allowed USB 3.0 branding. We test 31...

news - JUNE 7 4

TRENDnet's new NAS media server packs plenty of file-sharing features for your network.

news - JUNE 3 7

This external hard drive sports a "folded" look.

news - MAY 16 3

Here's a quick way to back up your data and look stylish in the process.

news - MAY 7 10

Here's a HDD packed with 1 GB of memory in one USB 3.0-based enclosure.

news - MAY 2 0

Other World Computing has released two portable USB 3.0 SSDs.

news - APRIL 25 7

Monster Digital has launched a line of external SSDs that use a USB 3.0 connection.

news - MARCH 28 7

Asus has introduced its new SDRW-08U5S-U external DVD writer with details not found on more common competing products.

picture story - MARCH 15 55

If a Thunderbolt port isn't in your computing life yet, it will be soon. But just how much abuse can the little port handle? Storage manufacturer LaCie invited Tom's Hardware to visit its U.S. HQ and throw 240...

news - FEBRUARY 13 1

Super Talent's RC 4 and RC 8 flash drives have received Windows-To-Go Certification

news - FEBRUARY 8 27

Sony will cease shipping MiniDisc devices in March.

news - FEBRUARY 7 44

128 GB model offers 83 GB of storage, while battery life is said to be below 4 hours.

news - JANUARY 31 44

Software giant's SkyDrive boasts over double the amount of users.

news - JANUARY 29 1

Here are two more external backup solutions, one of which includes NTI Backup Now EZ software.

news - JANUARY 27 62

As perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) is expected to hit its physical density limit at about 1 Tb per square inch, we are hearing about new and innovative ways how a technology that is in its core more than...

news - JANUARY 24 7

Storage density achieved results in single gram of DNA being able to hold nearly half a million DVDs of data.

news - JANUARY 23 25

The SSD market is expected to equal 40-percent of the HDD market by 2016.

news - JANUARY 22 16

Microsoft received the rights to an updated patent that describes the addition of an external hard drive to the Xbox 360 game console.