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Gigabyte - Page 2


news - JANUARY 16 5

Gigabyte this week announced official support for AMD's new Kaveri APUs. The company says its Kaveri support will include AMD A88X and A55 motherboards as well as upcoming A78 motherboards.

news - JANUARY 15 3

Gigabyte has a new slate with Bay Trail and Windows 8.1 inside.

news - JANUARY 9 10

This gaming notebook has two Nvidia GPUs in SLI.

reviews - JANUARY 9 72

We're in the process of testing Radeon R9 290X cards from AMD's board partners, and were curious how they all fare in a closed chassis. Corsair's deluxe Obsidian 900D offers lots of airflow, so we dusted off a...

news - JANUARY 6 16

Gigabyte has a new DIY PC kit at CES.

news - JANUARY 4 31

A new brand in PC gaming hardware is set to launch in Las Vegas. We have the first bits of info on what it'll be.

reviews - JANUARY 3 26

Formerly a very exclusive component, the PCI Express switch that makes Intel’s LGA 1150-based platforms three- and four-way SLI-capable is now available across a range of high-end motherboards. Today we...

news - DECEMBER 17 10

Here's Gigabyte's version of the Tegra Note 7.

reviews - NOVEMBER 25 28

Z87 rules the PC enthusiast market by exposing the Haswell architecture's full feature set. We're particularly interested in mini-ITX-based platforms able to integrate Z87 in a compact form factor. Five boards...

reviews - NOVEMBER 4 92

Perhaps fortunately, AMD's reference Radeon R9 280X is a bit of a phantom outside our own labs. If you're shopping for one of these Tahiti-based boards, you're looking at third-party solutions. We round up...

news - OCTOBER 19 7

Gigabyte has a new wireless PC gaming mouse.

news - OCTOBER 10 15

Gigabyte has crammed together its popular BRIX compact PC with a 75 lumen LED backlit mini projector.

reviews - OCTOBER 2 74

Situated barely below the priciest premium boards, which typically exceed $300, high-end Z87 Express-based motherboards offer enthusiasts almost everything they could want except for three-way SLI support. We...

news - SEPTEMBER 19 8

Gigabyte's adding a couple of new gaming machines in its repertoire.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 9

The refreshed BRIX wasn't the only compact PC Gigabyte revealed this week.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 10

Gigabyte has updated its Brix platform with fourth-generation Haswell chips.

reviews - AUGUST 29 57

Ready for part two of our low-cost power supply round-up? Here are four more products, including Seasonic's SSR-360GP, which is 80 PLUS Gold-certified. Is this little 360 W PSU the bargain of the century, or is...

news - AUGUST 28 2

Gigabyte has officially announced the arrival of its Intel H81 series motherboards.

reviews - AUGUST 14 53

Intel’s Haswell architecture has mainstream leanings. And yet some of the motherboards out there are really high-end. Today we're looking at five platforms under the $160 mark that hopefully put some value...

news - AUGUST 9 5

Gigabyte has updated its GTX 780 WindForce 3X OC Edition to Rev 2.0 which now features two 8-pin PEG power connectors.

reviews - JULY 27 12

Earlier this week, three representatives from Gigabyte spent a day answering questions from the Tom's Hardware community (despite the time difference in Taipei, Taiwan!). In the pages that follow, we aggregate...

news - JULY 24 9

Got a question for Gigabyte? Now you can ask.

news - JULY 23 13

The Gigabyte GeForce GT 640 is a budget graphics card that features 384 CUDA cores, a core clock of 1046 MHz, and a single slot cooler.

news - JULY 17 0

EKWB has introduced water cooling blocks for two of Gigabyte's Z87 motherboards.

news - JUNE 17 17

Gigabyte has launched its GTX 770 WindForce 3X OC with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory.

news - JUNE 7 4

Gigabyte’s GV-NTITAN-6GDB bundle will include the company’s WindForce 450 W coolers as a DIY upgrade with select batches of reference design GTX Titans.