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Gigabyte - Page 4


news - MARCH 10 31

Gigabyte's first LGA1150 motherboard is still in development, but already boasts an impressive set of features.

reviews - MARCH 7 108

Informed buyers are always looking for more information, and we were fortunate enough to plan for some of those requests. Today’s build adds quietness, storage capacity, and extra gaming finesse to the parts...

news - FEBRUARY 22 31

Various manufacturers including Asus, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit and Zotac have released their Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan cards.

news - FEBRUARY 21 11

It's not Gigabyte's new thin mini-ITX boards that are interesting, what's interesting is the fact that Gigabyte is using these as an entry to the new and evolving market of thin form factor PCs.

news - FEBRUARY 19 19

Gigabyte has released a fairly interesting little motherboard

reviews - FEBRUARY 18 49

What a problem, right? You have the money for high-end graphics, but don't know whether to buy a couple of GeForce GTX 680s or a trio of GeForce GTX 660 Ti boards for three-way SLI. We run through a number of...

news - FEBRUARY 14 17

The new Gigabyte U2442F Ultrabook is both sleek in appearance and powerful in performance.

reviews - FEBRUARY 1 66

We set out to build a PC with completely customizable LED lighting. And when we say the PC, we mean the whole thing. The mouse, keyboard, gamepad, enclosure, memory, fan controller, and even power supply are...

news - JANUARY 24 100

Here's the chance to win new hardware from Gigabyte and Tom's Hardware!

news - JANUARY 23 40

We get Gigabyte's reaction to the landscape-changing decision from Intel.

news - JANUARY 14 17

Powered by third generation Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

news - JANUARY 10 21

4K from Intel HD4000 graphics.

reviews - DECEMBER 27 31

Yesterday, we embarked on a quest to find the ultimate quiet gaming case. Today, we’re testing three more enclosures: Corsair’s Obsidian 550D, Fractal Design’s Define R4, and Gigabyte’s Luxo M10. How...

reviews - DECEMBER 7 76

This quarter is full of surprises, from a value-oriented $500 build that includes a Radeon HD 7850 to a $1,000 machine based on AMD's FX-8350 and a $2,000 box armed with a pair of Radeon HD 7970s. We mix it up...

reviews - DECEMBER 6 100

Last quarter, our highest-end build put an emphasis on host processing. This time around, we're setting our sights on gaming performance. That's not to say any part of this $2000 build suffers. It sports Radeon...

reviews - DECEMBER 5 126

Tired of seeing Intel CPUs dominate our System Builder Marathon? Finally, we have a processor from AMD able to go up against the fastest Core i5. We give its new FX-8350 a chance to distinguish itself in our...

news - NOVEMBER 28 33

Gigabyte's overclocking team was able to overclock AMD’s A10-5800K APU to a record 7.87 GHz, up from a stock 3.8 GHz.

reviews - NOVEMBER 26 55

After just one generation, Socket FM1 is dead. We test six Socket FM2-based motherboards able to take AMD's newest APUs built using the Trinity architecture. Can any of these platforms, armed with AMD A85X...

picture story - NOVEMBER 21 125

Welcome to our most-anticipated event of the year, the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! Today, in Part 1, we have three of our most stunning models ever displaying an arousing array of components for your system config...

news - OCTOBER 23 7

Gigabyte is launching a Windows 8 slate and a convertible Ultrabook sometime after the OS launches this Friday.

news - OCTOBER 19 11

Gigabyte has introduced a new Aivia gaming mouse and keyboard.

reviews - OCTOBER 10 35

Expanded graphics card support, enhanced on-board features that include Thunderbolt on some models, and more-robust voltage control are all good reasons to consider paying a little extra for a higher-end...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 13 206

We have two new graphics cards in the lab today: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 650 and 660, filling the gap between its GeForce GT 640 and GTX 660 Ti with Kepler derivatives. Are these GK107- and GK106-based boards able...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 12 80

Seven GeForce GTX 660 Tis landed in our lab. Today, we're benchmarking them, measuring their noise and temperatures, and conducting a more in-depth analysis of the impact a 192-bit memory interface has on...

news - AUGUST 28 28

Gigabyte's latest motherboard features a robust 32+3+2 power design using Ultra Durable 5 high current capable components.

reviews - AUGUST 27 149

The anticipated sequel to Guild Wars is here, and we're putting this MMO through its paces to let you know what hardware you'll need in order to play it at its highest details. We also explore which processor...

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