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Gigabyte - Page 5


reviews - JUNE 8 58

Frugality returned in this quarter's System Builder Marathon, tipping the balance towards less-elaborate gaming rigs. Does cutting deep into the budgets end up hurting our lower-cost build too much for it to...

news - JUNE 8 6

Gigabyte announces three new ultra lightweight notebooks; X11, U2442, & U2440

reviews - JUNE 7 216

After stripping $150 from his already frugal budget, Paul is forced to make a tough gamble in order to hit his build goals. Will the decision to spend big on graphics bite him in the rear when he has to cut...

reviews - JUNE 6 158

With a $250-smaller budget this quarter, Don re-creates the previous build as faithfully as possible just to see how much of a difference two memory channels make. With no room left for an SSD or extra RAM, we...

news - JUNE 5 14

Tom's video crew hits up Gigabyte's demo room in Taipei, Taiwan.

picture story - JUNE 5 2

We spent a full week canvassing the floor of this year's Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan. Along the way, we found eight products worthy of recognition. Those devices receive our Best of Computex 2012 award,...

news - JUNE 4 50

Overclocker HiCookie pushes two Gigabyte Z77X motherboards to World Records with the help of an Intel Core i7-3770K and GSkill Trident X Memory.

news - MAY 22 110

Tom's Hardware has reached out to AMD and a few motherboard manufacturers to get an understanding of what looks to be a long stemming issue with its FX processors and Steam games.

reviews - MAY 2 75

GeForce GTX 680 cards are nowhere to be found, and the Radeon HD 7970 recently dropped to a much more attractive price. We thought it was time to round up a handful of Tahiti-based cards to see how board...

reviews - APRIL 30 95

Combining the newest features with moderate expandability, Intel’s mainstream platforms provide high value to most gaming and overclocking enthusiasts. We compare six examples with Z77 Express to find the...

news - APRIL 5 44

A special package arrived at our Tom's Hardware Germany arm -- the world's first look at the Gigabyte GTX 680 OC WindForce 3X.

news - MARCH 30 42

With the announcement of EVGA's GeForce GTX 680 Superclocked and GTX 680 SC+ w/Backplate, we take a look at the current available Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 models

reviews - MARCH 29 65

Three different builders took two different approaches this quarter. Paul and Don struck out in search of more graphics performance, while Thomas gave up some GPU horsepower in favor of a stronger CPU. Whose...

reviews - MARCH 26 88

This quarter, we're starting our System Builder Marathon with a little experiment. Paul wanted to build a gaming PC for $650 that'd target smooth performance at 1920x1080. He had to make a couple of sacrifices...

news - FEBRUARY 8 20

Sources claim that motherboard manufacturers are raising their prices by the end of 1Q12, but Gigabyte says that's not true -- at least on their part.

reviews - JANUARY 12 41

With 40 lanes of PCIe 3.0 connectivity to host all of our high-bandwidth devices, LGA 2011 certainly qualifies as a premium processor interface. Today we examine seven X79-based motherboards that offer high-end...

news - JANUARY 11 18

Gigabyte is showcasing new motherboards and tech this week in Las Vegas including a G1.Sniper 3 motherboard with Dual LAN, a new digital PWM design called 3D Power and more.

news - DECEMBER 29 29

An expert overclocker pushes Intel's Core i7 3930K to over 5.6 GHz.

news - DECEMBER 28 40

Three Gigabyte motherboards need a critical BIOS update.

news - DECEMBER 28 25

Thunderbolt could become much more available in April as Intel is apparently working with first-tier vendors to integrate the interface in their systems.

reviews - DECEMBER 23 56

A 20% budget boost for this quarter’s machines gave every builder room to fix former foibles, yet only the cheapest system showed big performance gains. What effect will those big and small changes have on...

reviews - DECEMBER 20 128

We mix things up with a $1200 budget, a brutally powerful Radeon HD 6950 CrossFire combo, and AMD's new FX processor in the final mid-range System Builder Marathon PC of 2011. The results are predictable in...

reviews - DECEMBER 13 78

Welcome to Part 1 of Tom's Hardware's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. This first installment is geared toward system builders planning to pool some Christmas cash to build a new performance- or value-oriented system....

reviews - DECEMBER 7 41

Our flagship motherboard comparison announcement was answered with an interesting selection of models, along with a bunch of “not ready yet” responses. Today we examine a few samples from companies bold...

news - NOVEMBER 29 7

Gigabyte is giving away up to two Booktop T1132 swivel touchscreen notebooks in its latest Amazing Giveaway contest on Facebook.

reviews - NOVEMBER 7 67

Forty-two PCIe lanes give the 990FX a clear connectivity lead over competing Intel chipsets. We compare five class-leading products using AMD's FX-8150 to see which offers the best combination of performance,...