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Gigabyte - Page 7


reviews - FEBRUARY 1 74

Most of Intel's Core i5 and i7 CPUs lock out overclocking enthusiasts, which we hate. But the K-series chips win us back over with insane scalability. Would you believe that cranking the dial on performance...

reviews - JANUARY 10 95

Improved per-clock performance and higher achievable frequencies are sure to put Intel’s latest K-Series CPUs on top of many builders’ whish lists, but they’ll still need a new socket to put it in. We...

news - JANUARY 8 25

It's a GIGABYTE love nest containing AMD's E-350 dual-core processor and Radeon HD 6310 GPU.

news - JANUARY 7 20

GIGABYTE's new Windows 7-based slate offers the touch functions of a tablet and the traditional input means of a desktop.

news - JANUARY 1 213

Happy holidays from Zalman, Gigabyte and Patriot!

reviews - DECEMBER 27 46

The first $2000 build in this quarter's SBM series provided astonishing performance overall, but a few disappointments forced us to consider alternative parts. Today, we see how much improvement we can make...

reviews - DECEMBER 22 64

PowerColor’s half-height Radeon HD 5750 launched a quest to build a tiny gaming PC. But things didn't work out the way we planned. We ended up building two half-height machines capable of cranking out...

reviews - DECEMBER 20 78

New benchmarks, new test methods, and new hardware mark exciting updates to this month’s System Builder Marathon. Today, we cover the most exciting part of all: the value competition. Remember, we're giving...

reviews - DECEMBER 13 131

With all of your feedback from last quarter's System Builder Marathon under our belts, this time around, we attempt to fit a no-sacrifice, luxury and performance build into our moderately-high $2000 budget....

reviews - DECEMBER 8 70

Welcome to Part 1 of Tom's Hardware's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. This first installment is geared toward system builders planning to pool some Christmas cash to build a new performance- or value-oriented system....

news - NOVEMBER 4 53

We keep getting asked, which motherboard to start with for a fully working hackintosh? Start with the letter "G."

news - NOVEMBER 2 36

Here's a sneak peak at three upcoming Sandy Bridge motherboards from Gigabyte.

reviews - OCTOBER 19 48

Anyone interested in Nvidia's GeForce GTS 450 has a keen eye for value. But many enthusiasts still want the best performance they can afford. In today’s test, six factory-overclocked models challenge a...

reviews - OCTOBER 18 106

We’ve seen impressive performance from Nvidia's GeForce GTX 460 when it's matched up with a second card in SLI mode. But how does the entire high-end GeForce GTX 400 line compare to Radeon HD 5000-series...

news - OCTOBER 15 46

Gamers can press 20 keys simultaneously.

reviews - OCTOBER 12 127

Display spanning is quickly becoming the high-mark for serious gaming machines of all budgets, with more powerful cards allowing higher resolutions. Yet, as panel resolutions higher than 1080p become harder to...

reviews - OCTOBER 8 93

We're back with Part 2 of our bottleneck exploration in a mainstream gaming PC equipped with a Core i5 and GeForce GTX 460, ready to dive into test results from ten additional games. All of the results are...

reviews - OCTOBER 7 98

Wondering if your favorite game wants more CPU or GPU muscle? We tested 20 different titles using a GeForce GTX 460 and a Core i5 processor (one of our favorite configs) in order to figure out where a solid...

news - SEPTEMBER 30 24

And yes, they enjoyed what we saw too.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 30 109

Each quarter, our System Builder Marathons include parts picked by three Tom's Hardware editors aided by comments from our readers. This quarter, we're adding an Editor's Choice PC with parts hand-picked by...

picture story - SEPTEMBER 30 65

Babes from Gigabyte's GO OC competition. As one reader recently said: "No event is complete without them!" Depending on whether your admin has a thing against bare midriffs, this could be considered not safe...

news - SEPTEMBER 29 24

Those looking for specifics on Sandy Bridge or LGA 2011—other than what’s already available online—will have to wait a bit more.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 28 24

Gigabyte's GO OC finals came to a conclusion over the weekend. Europe's dominance of the overclocking scene was retained, while a Hong Kong native came up short. Check out how using obscene amounts of LN2 can...

news - SEPTEMBER 24 20

Tomorrow, Gigabyte will crown a worldwide overclocking king for 2010. Here's how the company will choose the winner.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 17 169

With the full game released, Gigabyte provides a huge stable of graphics cards for benchmarking StarCraft II, and we get the chance to re-test the game using a vastly improved method. Check the results to see...

news - AUGUST 30 44

Gigabyte's new GV-R577SL-1GD features an impressive, passive cooling system.

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