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Motherboards - Page 7


Motherboards facilitate communication between all of the difference components inside your PC. Picking the right one is imperative to maximizing stability and making sure your machine has room to grow. Let us help you choose the best Motherboard to fit your needs.

news - MAY 3 9

VR-Zone has spotted four additional Intel 8-series “Lynx Point” motherboards that will presumably launch alongside the “Kingsley Thunderbolt” flagship.

news - MAY 2 11

More details have come to light regarding Gigabyte's flagship Z87 motherboards

news - APRIL 30 4

Inforce’s IFC6410 aims to “provide consumers with the perfect foundation to create innovative computer systems.”

news - APRIL 27 5

MSI has released yet another teaser.

news - APRIL 26 14

Asus has let out yet another teaser regarding its upcoming Z87 motherboards.

news - APRIL 25 14

MSI has released yet another teaser regarding the Z87 XPower motherboard.

news - APRIL 22 13

Some teasers have surfaced of Gigabyte's upcoming Z87 G1-Killer Motherboard.

news - APRIL 21 15

ASRock's upcoming Z87-Extreme4 is the first motherboard with an Intel 8-Series chipset to get Windows 8 certification.

news - APRIL 20 5

The Axiomtek MANO873 Mini-ITX motherboard features an Intel LGA1155 socket, Q77 Express chipset and support for up to 16 GB of RAM.

news - APRIL 19 6

With the appropriate BIOS and driver update, Biostar's full range of FM2 motherboards support AMD's "Richland" APUs.

news - APRIL 18 27

Gigabyte is right behind Asus in motherboard sales, although Asus still leads with profit margins due to the high-end segment.

news - APRIL 17 15

MSI is dripping out some serious teasers regarding one or more Z87 motherboards.

news - APRIL 16 5

EKWB has introduced a water block that will cool ASRock's Z77 Extreme11 motherboard.

news - APRIL 15 11

ECS is attempting to make a name for itself by producing a "tough" motherboard design

news - APRIL 12 9

Giada is releasing a mini-ITX motherboard targeted at NAS builders.

news - APRIL 10 5

The AMB-A55EG1 features an embedded AMD G-Series T56N dual core APU and offers computing and graphics performance suitable for "casino gaming and amusement applications."

news - APRIL 9 31

AMD will be phasing out its FM1 and AM3 sockets in April 2013 with the aim of replacing the socket types by 2014.

news - APRIL 8 24

Intel has issued a Product Change Notification (PCN) to correct Haswell's USB 3.0 S3 sleep problems.

news - APRIL 5 11

The Rampage IV motherboard features a more subdued appearance but is otherwise identical to the standard version.

news - APRIL 5 8

MSI's new Z77 "Gaming Series" motherboards were first announced at CEBIT 2013 and is advertised as offering a "one size fits all" approach for gamers.

news - APRIL 3 15

Asus is releasing a new high-end workstation motherboard, this one the P9X79-E WS.

news - APRIL 2 9

Model A is cheaper and consumes less power than the Model B.

reviews - APRIL 2 87

AMD’s flagship FX-series processors squarely target enthusiasts with sub-$1,000 system budgets, and it's hard to get there with an expensive motherboard. We requested every vendor's top-value solution, and...

news - MARCH 28 12

Information at your fingertips.

news - MARCH 21 11

The optional BIOS update allows users to take advantage of features such as "Ultra Fast Boot" and "CSM disable."

news - MARCH 21 3

Server platform manufacturer Tyan is presenting its "cutting-edge GPU supporting platform" during GTC 2013.